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Utilizing Color in Web Design to Boost Conversions 

December 21, 2018Alyssa Wychers

Ask any web design agency or marketer about the secrets to building a following and generating conversions, and you’ll likely get an answer that has something to do with emotions. Humans are emotionally driven and appealing to various emotions is key to moving consumers through your sales funnel.

There are plenty of ways to engage emotions, some obvious and others not so much. For instance, a content strategy that appeals to emotions is an obvious strategy. When it comes to the subtler emotional elements, color is one of the most important.

There have been significant studies concerning the psychology of color and how to leverage color from a branding and marketing standpoint. The colors that are used throughout your website design are essential for every step of the customer journey – from first impression and lead generation to the final stages into conversion.

Color Psychology

We live in a world that’s filled with color, and the colors that we come in contact with can have a major impact on how we experience our surroundings. Take for example how a person’s mood can be supercharged on a sunny day, but take a nosedive after a few days of cloudy, gray weather. In business, the ability to understand the psychology of color and how it affects the emotional connection customers have with your brand is a very powerful tool.

Explosion of colored powder on white background

Color psychology is basically the study of human behaviors in relation to different colors and hues. It’s the study of how we react physically and respond emotionally to color, as well as how it influences our decisions – like whether or not to purchase a product or invest in a brand.

How Color and Web Design Lead to Conversions

Your website is one of your strongest assets for supporting the customer journey. Anything that can be done with web design to encourage conversions is a plus. Using the right color, at the right time can help this happen.

This starts by considering the power of color when creating your brand image. For example, red is associated with excitement, confidence and vitality. Brands like Target and Coca-Cola have had great success with this color. On the other hand, blue is the color of trust – which is probably why IBM, PayPal and Facebook choose it as their primary branding color.

What type of emotion are you looking to spark with your customers? How do you want them to feel about your brand? Your brand’s colors are going to be infused throughout your website, so answering these questions as early on as possible is key to success.

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Next, conversion success with color is about knowing when and where to use it. A children’s birthday party planner is going to want to use a bright, colorful theme to encourage interest and eventually conversions. The same color scheme would likely fail for a high end cosmetic company whose core audience is looking for colors that represent luxury and sophistication.

Finally, think about where to use color in your web development. For instance, red is a high performing color for CTAs, especially for urgent or impulse driven purchases. But black can be equally conversion worthy if used in the right setting, especially when targeting an audience that’s primarily male.

Work with an Experienced Web Design Agency

Would you like to know more about how the right use of color can increase your conversions? Our web developers are experts in color optimization. Contact Double Up Digital and speak with a website design company that knows exactly how to create a beautiful web design that delivers your brand and generates conversions.

Alyssa Wychers

Alyssa graduated from John Brown University and joined our team in 2017. She moved from Michigan to Atlanta the following year to join the team in-office. When she’s not coming up with the next creative design idea, she loves being outside, reading all of the classics, and convincing anyone she meets that Michigan summers are actually the greatest.