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Web Design Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Business

February 13, 2019Joel Mehler

As a small business, your website is the most critical vehicle you have for attracting customers and moving them through your sales funnel. Awell-built site performs many functions, each being vitally important to your success, however, simple web design mistakes might be curbing your success.

5 Common Web Design Mistakes

It often happens that small businesses approach web design with limited experience and as a result aren’t always aware of how they could potentially be hurting their revenue stream rather than building it. If your website isn’t performing up to your expectations, take a look to see if you might be making one of these five common web design mistakes.

Confusing Design

There’s nothing worse for your website visitors than to land on your site and have no idea of what they should do next. This doesn’t mean that you should have big, blinking arrows leading the way but your website design should be intuitive to the user. Often, small businesses will attempt to do too much with their website and as a result, leave their visitors overwhelmed and confused.

For instance, does your web design feature simplified navigation, content architecture that makes sense and a call to action that stands out and is relevant to the page it’s on?

Not Investing In Responsive Design

Your audience is visiting your site from multiple types of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It’s essential that small businesses provide a seamless experience for their users regardless of the device they’re using. This is especially important since many first visits happen on mobile devices, but conversions occur more frequently from tablets and personal computers.

Four different electronic devices showcasing responsive web design on each screen.

Responsive design allows you to provide a cohesive user experience across all devices. This not only instills trust, but it also helps your visitors form a stronger connection with your brand.

Meaningless Content

Content shouldn’t be used as a space filler. What we mean by this is that content needs to be high quality, purposeful and relevant. If content, no matter what form it’s in, provides no value to your audience, then it has no business on your website.

Along with this, be careful about where you place content. There’s nothing wrong with having a business bio, but that’s probably not the first thing someone wants to see when they land on your homepage. Think about content architecture and how to use it to move visitors through your website.

No Credibility

Today’s consumer wants to see social proof that you’re as good as you say you are. They could go off and check on social media or any of the number of business review platforms, but why make them do the work. Include credibility elements in the form of reviews, testimonies, and credibility badges that highlight your expertise.

Lack of SEO

Your website should be command central for SEO, and it’s crucial to maximize your efforts as much as possible. These efforts include a site architecture that’s optimized for search engines but also other elements like high-quality content and a strategy for on-page local SEO.

Leave Web Design Mistakes in the Past

If you’re a small business that would like to see more performance out of your website, we are the web design company full of experts that can help. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced web designers about how you can avoid the common website mistakes that cost your business money.

Joel Mehler

A graduate of the University of Alabama, Joel was first introduced to digital marketing and SEO while participating in an international internship program in Barcelona, Spain. Joel maintains consistent oversight on strategy performance, client relations and day-to-day operations. Joel is an avid traveler and spends much of his free time in search of Atlanta’s next fun trend.