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Getting Personal With Content Strategy

August 29, 2018Justin Radomski

I have always enjoyed writing. Whether in the form of song lyrics, short stories, screenplays or novels, I find appreciation in the way that words connect us and the impact that they leave behind. My passion for communication is what led me to the Double Up team. Having the opportunity to develop a content strategy that communicates on various platforms, provided me with a sense of adventure and purpose in the midst of a dramatic career change. 

My excitement and passion for writing content was quickly met with the science and statistics that in a sense govern what should be published from a digital marketing perspective. At first, these  “rules” felt like a barrier to sharing organic and meaningful content.  I wondered how it was possible to generate a thoughtful piece while adhering to a formula for success. Then I figured it out.

Read more below as I highlight some of the most critical aspects of content strategy and how I’ve learned to implement these features in every piece of content I write.

Content Marketing Requires Patience, Precision, & Personality.

Writing content is easy but writing valuable content requires strategic patience. With any writing endeavor, I find it best to explore the entire scope of the project. This approach means fully comprehending your targeted audience and defining your end goal. By initially determining these two factors, you’ll have an easier time crafting topics and ultimately generating content that offers appeal and actual value. So how do you do this? I’ll show you!

Connect The Dots

By integrating patience, precision, and personality into your writing, you’re setting yourself up for a successful outcome. I use these specific principles to maintain a content strategy that is appealing, useful and reaches users on a personal level.


The initial writing process can start out slow – and it should! My preliminary routine consists of identifying my target audience. Depending on the scope of the project, I gather this information through a discovery meeting with my client. This interaction provides me with an opportunity to familiarize myself with their business and buyer personas. This insight is critical to developing copy that will speak to users and generate traffic.

In addition to gathering information directly from my client, I take the time to understand competitors and other similar products or services. This research includes reviewing websites, blogs, and even social media pages. These extra steps can help you begin brainstorming topics and give you an idea of the tone you want to use in your work. It can also indicate tactics that aren’t working and highlight certain aspects you can improve. Take the time to conduct proper research. It makes your job easier and puts you in a better position for success.


I use the term precision because successful content marketing requires accuracy. How do these terms apply to writing content? The answer is more consequential than you think.  After you have collected preliminary research on your audience, you have to determine how to reach them. This portion is where precision comes into play. Crafting content topics isn’t a game of Go Fish or Guess Who. Writing about various subjects you think are relevant and hoping for the best is a weak approach and honestly a waste of time. Precision comes from data and data comes from research.

At this point, I take what I have learned so far and begin to apply that knowledge. This application is through the use of keyword tools and search volume metrics. Keyword research is the magic wand behind content strategy. It gives you the leverage you need to reach your audience via direct insight into their questions and search behavior. By utilizing search volume and trends, you can tailor content that is craved by your specific audience.  This insight is the precision you need for high-quality, value-adding content.


You’ve done your research and have been handed the keys to the kingdom. Now it’s time to connect.  Supplying answers to common questions via blog articles or other mediums is easy. Becoming a consistent resource that your users want to share with the world requires personality. Every project I work on, I put myself in my readers’ shoes. What is valuable to them? What is stylistically pleasing? What voice kind of voice should I use? Casual? Technical? These are the type of questions I ask myself before I begin writing. It helps me organize my ideas and create a plan to execute.

Maintaining a personal feel throughout your work is crucial to sustaining user interest and appreciation. You want to demonstrate that you are a thought leader without an overcompensating or arrogant tone. Considering these areas will help you connect with users on a more personal level, making them more likely to share your work. That’s the goal, right?

Content Strategy & Marketing Experts

Double Up Digital employs writers who are passionate, knowledgeable and fun. Our team of professional writers focuses on delivering content that demonstrates you as a thought leader and a significant resource. We enjoy any opportunity to provide value-adding material that helps you generate business while satisfying the needs of your customers. Contact our team today to learn more about content strategy and our additional digital marketing services.

Justin Radomski

Through his passion for web development and design, Justin executes the creative vision of all Double Up Digital projects. Motivated by perfection, Justin ensures that all design and development products exceed client expectations and constantly challenge the industry standards of design accomplishment. In his spare time, Justin can be found taking pictures that are truly out of this world.