The Secret to Writing a High-Performance SEO Blog

January 09, 2019Justin Radomski

As a business with goals set on growth, you probably already have an idea of the importance of search engine optimization. What you might not know about SEO is that to be successful, it needs to be infused throughout every aspect of your digital presence, with one of the most important focuses being on the content you create. An excellent way to create and syndicate content is through the use of an SEO blog.

Knowing how to optimize your SEO blog posts so that they appeal to search engines is key to your digital success. Every business wants to accomplish this, but in the world of search engine marketing, the rules can change in an instant and what worked well last year might not build much traction today.

3 Successful Strategies in an SEO Blog Post

The question we have to answer is what does it mean to write the perfect SEO blog post in 2019 and beyond? The answer looks a little different than it has in the past, but the strategies are easily adaptable to any business. Here is what you need to know.

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Match Your Content to User Search

Of course, keywords are critical, but how you’re using them carries just as much weight. As search engines have become sophisticated to the point that they’re able to begin picking up on the intent of your content, it has become more necessary than ever that you’re writing with the purpose of the user’s search in mind.

Matching search intent requires taking into consideration long tail keywords and the language patterns of voice search that are important for local SEO. You can also scratch the long list of keywords in favor of one that’s shorter and more concise. If you’ve gone deep into a topic to provide value to your audience, using a limited but more targeted keyword strategy will improve your results.

Speaking of Intent…

You don’t have to exhaust yourself finding the exact keyword matches for your blog posts. For instance, a dental practice doesn’t need to decide between “dental service” or “dental services,” in fact with the ability to pick up intent you can take a few more liberties with your keyword strategy.

The point is that you don’t need to stuff your blog posts with keywords that are so similar you can barely tell them apart, and you certainly don’t need to create separate content for keywords that are only marginally different from each other but share the same intent. Stop focusing on the micro-details of your keyword strategy and keep the focus on providing value for your audience.

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Make It Mobile Friendly

Today, appealing to the mobile consumer is critical, especially from an SEO perspective. The first step is to make sure that your SEO blogs are published on a website built with responsive web design. The second step is to structure your posts to be easily readable on mobile devices.

While the mobile consumer might seem to have a shorter attention span, you can still provide long-form content. Just keep the paragraphs short, use bullet points when appropriate and consider local keywords in your title tag and headers.

SEO Blog Experts

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