SEO Best Practices for Content Strategy

October 09, 2018Justin Radomski

As a content writer and manager, my day-to-day operations frequently include crafting content as well as editing, optimizing, and publishing different forms of website copy across various digital platforms. With so many different projects on my desk at a given time, it’s crucial that every type of SEO content I work on receive the same detailed review process ensuring proper optimization for google rankings. To maintain an organized and productive operation, I’ve found that these SEO best practices for content strategy are critical for my success. Please take a look at these SEO tips and tools and see how I’ve implemented them in my daily work routine.

SEO Best Practices for Content Strategy Every Writer Should Follow

With so much content available in regards to SEO best practices and tools for proper optimization, it is easy to become overwhelmed. By spending adequate time developing a process that works for you and incorporating the appropriate methods and tools, you are making your job as a copywriter much easier. Consider these SEO tools and techniques for your content strategy and your results will improve.

Utilize SEO Tools

There are numerous free SEO tools available online that will improve your content strategy. These are a couple of my favorites.

Google Keyword Planner

Perhaps the most vital SEO tool for content writers is the Google Keyword Planner. This free tool offers insight to search volume trends and the competition associated with specific keywords and phrases. By utilizing this kind of data, you can craft your content strategy around topics that you know are being searched. This data is crucial to generating relevant content and improves your chances of ranking for a particular keyword.

Yoast SEO Content Tool

This plugin provides a grading system for your content in terms of being “SEO friendly.” When you work within the Yoast SEO Content Tool, you will automatically receive suggestions that will help you improve your SEO score. With so many factors that make up quality content for SEO, this tool provides insight that is regularly overlooked.

Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer

Headlines are crucial. In most cases, your headline is the decision maker on whether or not a user will choose to view your content. By understanding the metrics behind a successful topic, you’re putting yourself in a better position for maximum visibility. The Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer will grade your headlines and provide suggestions for improvement.

Calendar Template

With your writing and metric tools in place, being organized should be your next priority. Whether you are a freelance writer or you are a content strategist at an agency, remaining organized is essential for client relationships and publishing content on a regular basis. Find a template that is easy to share with your client and stick to it!

Avoid SEO Black Hat Methods

SEO Black Hat Methods, sometimes referred to as spamdexing, refers to the manipulation of search engine indexes for better ranking. Google continues to improve the way that it interprets content and its recent updates make it much easier to recognize these tactics. Trying to cheat your way to the top will result in negative rankings and can even get you eliminated from search results entirely. For a comprehensive understanding of these highly-frowned upon techniques, please visit here.

Consult a Digital Marketing Agency for a Free SEO Audit & Analysis

Developing a content strategy that will improve your search engine rankings takes patience and a professional understanding of the digital marketing world. Though there are numerous SEO tools available for optimizing your content, consulting a digital marketing agency can help you identify areas of your strategy that can be improved. Our team of expert marketers will help ensure that your content is fully optimized for maximum user-engagement, turning you into a thought leader in your industry. Contact us today for a free content strategy audit.

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