4 Skills to Look For in a Top Notch Web Designer

March 18, 2019Justin Radomski

Building or redesigning your business website can be a huge undertaking. True, there are some reputable DIY web design platforms that make it look incredibly easy but these sites often fall short when it comes to creating websites that meet the demands of SEO and the modern consumer’s digital preferences. At the end of the day, there’s an incredible amount riding on the look, usability and overall performance of your website design. Hiring an expert web designer is crucial to executing your digital needs.

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Must-Have Web Designer Skills

Often, the best plan of action is to place the task of web development in the skilled hands of a professional web design company. The only problem is that it can be difficult to determine which top custom web design companies offer the most experience, the highest level of service and are best suited to meet your needs. To help you with this challenge, here are 4 important skills to look for when hiring a web designer in 2019.

Technological Expertise

There’s an obvious tech-related skill set that web designers need to have to perform the basic functions of their job. It should be immediately obvious when a web developer doesn’t have a working knowledge of coding and programming languages because they’re going to fall short on meeting your expectations on just about every other level.

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That said, you do want to make sure that your web designer has continued to grow their tech skill set throughout the lifetime of their career. If you’re working with a website design company, ask what the vetting process is for their web designers and ask them pointed questions about how they incorporate the latest technological advancements in their web design.

Industry Awareness

You’ve probably noticed in your own experience that different types of businesses have success with various types of web design. For instance, a website for a law firm is going to look and function entirely different than an e-commerce site for a natural skin care line.

It’s important that your web designer be able to develop a website that meets your target audience’s needs and expectations. Ask to see a portfolio or examples of their work across several different industries, then ask questions to help you determine if they really understand the online behaviors of the customers you’re looking to attract.

Understanding of User Experience and the Customer Journey

Today, user experience (UX) and tailoring your web design to enhance the customer journey are crucial to the success of your business on many levels. If you have the opportunity, explore some of your web designer’s work on your own. Is the site easy to use and does it encourage interaction and future visits? If you’re not inspired to come back, chances are your visitors won’t be either.

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A great deal of the effectiveness of your SEO strategy is tied into your web design. Your web designer absolutely needs to understand search engine optimization and the elements of web development that play into it. Many website design companies have a solid foundation of knowledge in SEO; however, you’ll want to make an effort in asking them how their design work ties into SEO principles.

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