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7 Tips for Writing More Effective Pay Per Click Ads

March 15, 2019Justin Radomski

Pay per click ads are a fast, effective way to generate a boost in traffic, leads, and conversions. The process seems pretty simple – write some text, build a landing page and watch the magic happen.

If only it were that easy.

How to Write Better Pay Per Click Ads

PPC management requires strategy, and part of that strategy is knowing how to craft text that draws people in and encourages them to react to your ads. Here are 7 tips for writing the most effective text ads for your PPC campaign.

Solve a Problem

If there is one golden rule of effective pay per click ads, it’s to always remember that your focus should be on your target audience rather than yourself. It’s often the simplest shift in wording that can accomplish this. Ask yourself what your customer’s pain points are and how your business can help ease them. Use this as the foundation to build your ad text around.

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Appeal to a Local, Mobile Audience

When writing copy for your pay per click ads, don’t forget about the growing majority of your audience that’s viewing your ad from their mobile device. This is an important segment of your audience because it’s one that’s also more likely to contain local customers that require less nurturing to reach conversion.

Make sure you’re using locally relevant keywords and consider using ad extensions that will help mobile consumer contact you with a single tap on their smartphone.

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Don’t Forget the Call To Action

This is one of those things that is so basic that it often gets forgotten about – you need to include a call to action so that the person viewing your ad not only knows what you want them to do but also makes it easy for them to do it.

Pay Per Click Ads Should Align with Their Landing Page

When writing the text for your pay per click ad, think about the landing page that it’s connected to. If the text you’ve written is misaligned with the associated landing page, this is only going to frustrate and confuse your audience – something that’s counterproductive to the goal of pay per click advertising.

Instill a Sense of Urgency

It’s important to provide your audience with a reason to click on your ad now, rather than the next time they happen to be online. The goal is to inspire a now or never reaction. Use action oriented keywords that signal urgency or scarcity.

Keywords Research Business Concept.

Research Keywords

Don’t neglect keyword research when it comes to writing your text ads. The difference between your keyword approach for your general content strategy and that for your PPC ads is that you have a very limited amount of space to make a powerful impact with your ad. Take the time and research keywords that will deliver the intent of your PPC ad.

Test, Test Again and Repeat

Finally, accept that you might not get it right on the first try. It’s important to test various text ads, including keyword and CTA use. You might find that just the slightest change in wording makes all the difference in the success of your PPC campaign.

Expert Pay Per Click Strategies

Now is a great time to invest in expertly crafted pay per click ads for your business, but there is more to PPC management than meets the eye. Let us be the professionals that supercharge your online visibility and get more traffic moving in your direction. Connect with Double Up Digital today to learn more about our professional PPC management services.

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